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A hard drive problem.

Over the term of a couple of weeks I noticed an inherently annoying sound plaguing my external HDD, which is connected to my MacBook pro via USB.

It slowly got louder and louder and I stupidly ignored it thinking it was that cheap case I installed it in allowing the vibrations through to my desk.

That was a mistake. Very soon after all these noises got to an un-ignorable level the partition I was using for Time Machine backups started self ejecting and I was unable to repair it.

So the video below shows its replacement, which I formatted for Mac then cloned the storage partition from the old drive, but to my great dismay was unable to copy the files from Time Machine as it just continually self ejected.

If anyone has a remedy or possible repair solution so that I can reformat the old drive I would love to see it appear in the comments below.

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