I just love technology.

Well that was two weeks ago, how time flies.

So I have to admit I was sceptical about this one. At the end of the day a skin on your device has the job of protection and of course we want it to be aesthetically pleasing from our point of view. Now I’m quite happy to use skins and have had many, from carbon to vinyl picturesque ones but a real piece of wood! That’s a whole new ball game to me and my first impression was one of trepidation, after all we’ve seen or heard of some horror stories of skins making a mess of expensive gadgets.


So I swallowed hard and made the above video. I now admit to being a bit of a convert. As I warmed to the skin I found it to be visually and physically quite appealing. It’s strong and rather durable, though some of that may be down to the fact that it is bamboo.


So what has life with this skin been like?

Well, I have to admit it’s actually really quite nice, it looks good, it feels good and it’s damned hard wearing, which in my pockets is a massive feat in itself. I work in a harsh workshop environment with many steel coated benches and pieces of machinery scattered around.

It has now worn down the lacquer coating down to the grain which has given it a more natural feel (perhaps a thicker coat would help), however this may be leaving it open to grime and staining which remains to be seen as I have decided to leave it in place for now. Or at least until something else catches my eye.

So with all this said I would like to extend a huge thank you to Lazerwood industries for sending me this review unit out and I wish them every success in the future with their many designs.

If you like the look and think you may want one then US readers can head straight on over to http://shop.lazerwood.com and buy straight from the manufacturer, or UK readers would be better trying out Amazon UK at the link below:

Lazerwood products


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