I just love technology.

So, about a month ago I got an iPad Air as an early christmas present. And a very nice present it is too with it’s huge speed increase over it’s predecessor and it’s new form factor, like it or not it’s here to stay for now.

I like the new shape very much but I find it to be a not so easy shape to handle (just me most likely). Therefore I was in fear of dropping it more so than the iPad 2 which I had before it.

This led me to get straight on line and search for a cheap full wrap around case that would suffice me till I could afford a better one. As it happens I haven’t made any effort to look at other cases since as for a pretty cheap price I had found a case that was more than I bargained for and was more than up to the job.

It is still in superb condition with no signs of wear and tear even though I have a huge tendency to fold the cover flat behind the  back of the case to it’s maximum.

IMG_2535 IMG_2536

So with this in mind it’s definitely worth looking at cheaper after market accessories before opening your wallet and throwing the hard earned on the counter.

The product in question is made by accompany called Inventcase and can be found here



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