I just love technology.

Wear it well.

Wearable technology, the next big thing?
Right now I’m not so sure it’s going to be so. I mean , yeah it’s awesome stuff being able to walk down the street and a quick glance at your wrist tells you what the notification you just got was and which social network it was from, but, how usable will it actually be?google-glass-interactive-glasses-blue-color-resting-white-floor-32722539


The way I see it is this, until we can have a voice activated holographic screen that pops up from the device it will be just a novelty extension of the device in your pocket as the most obvious restriction will be size. Size matters, you will have one hand to touch the screen and interact, connect a keyboard you say, two hands on the keyboard and the screen starts bobbing up and down above the keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward to the wave of new wearable technology as it gathers speed into the years to come but until it grows in actual usability it can only be an add on device, an extension of the larger device in your pocket and therefore just another expensive watch or pair of glasses.

please leave your take on it in the comments below.


Comments on: "Wear it well." (2)

  1. I’m a big fan of my Pebble smart watch – mainly because they kept it as a watch, with added features – rather then trying to create a wrist mounted mobile phone. You only interact with the pebble via 4 nice chunky buttons, and you can see all the notifications from your device – but you can’t reply. As I have my iPhone on silent at work, I constantly had to look at it to see what the vibration was for. Now with the pebble, a glance at the wrist shows me the latest e-mail, a text (which I can then decide if I need to access my phone to reply or not), or who’s calling.


    • I think there’s definitely a place for this sort of technology I just don’t see it as being a big thing interactively for a few years. But for the way you use it I can definitely see it catching on in that way. Thanks for commenting buddy.


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