I just love technology.

Sum value.

So a couple of weeks ago we had an occurrence where our landline telephone was not working though our internet was!

I thought this a little odd and put it down to our provider and as I use the internet for most of my connections now I wasn’t particularly all that bothered by it, but after some pushing from the other half I gave our provider a call from my mobile device. After a long wait for a short conversation and then some checking and testing it would appear that a storm we had a few nights previous had fried the filter in the telephone socket leaving the phone inactive and the internet working.

This got me to thinking about the possible damage to more than just the phone line, all the what ifs. How expensive is a 42″ lcd tv set or a dvd player or a computer? So with this in mind I started scouring the net for a surge protector, I know it won’t help from a direct hit from a storm but any spikes caused by the storm would definitely be arrested before reaching my desk. The hub of my operations. After all the insurance company would just call it an “act of god”.


So I settled on the Master plug surge protected power line with 4 power outlets and 2 usb ports. It comes in a nice shiny black plastic finish with a 1metre supply cable and to my mind was well worth every penny  and at least affords me a little peace of mind next time I hear a distant storm, as long as it stays distant otherwise I will be scrambling for my main power plug to save me the heartbreak of losing my beloved MacBook and assorted devices scattered on my desk, which lets face it we could all do without the frightening cost of our insurance company refusing to cover it and then having to find the replacement cost.


 See the product over on Amazon below.




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