I just love technology.

Video troubles.

Ok, yes I am having fun trying to make a youtube video.

However, I am a complete novice and getting nowhere fast.

My first hurdle was the actual making of, you know when your head just suddenly goes bleuuuurg, eh! what? and you just can’t get your words out. Then came the really annoying bit when I found, after a lot of trying to no avail, that iMovie cannot import video files from my XD card. Yes I was fuming. But after a little chatting on twitter all was not lost, I was informed of a wondrous piece of software ‘Handbrake‘. Well it worked a treat it took just a couple of minutes and that was it, converted.

So after import to iMovie I then was confronted with my lack of editing skills, which are poor to say the least. But I then found that video footage from an oldish DSLR isn’t exactly good quality, so its back to the drawing board and looking for the use of a digital video camera.



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