I just love technology.

Video editing!

Well I’m about to take the plunge into the world of video editing and uploading to YouTube  for the first time ever.

I,m slightly daunted by this to say the least. So many things to think about, in front or behind the camera for one but I,m more concerned about getting it right and not making a hash of it in the editing department.

I have my intro made and have only shown it to one person so far and was told it was good but he may have just been saving my feelings.

Software wise I am sticking with iMovie on the Mac and so far I have been muddling through and slowly working out how it works by trial and error.

which leads me to the only ok camera I have to use which is an old fuji finepix which uses an obsolete type of memory card and a particularly quiet microphone so it’s a case of fingers crossed for the end result.

So if anybody has any advice for me it will be warmly welcomed.


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