I just love technology.

Personalised Gadgets.

So you’ve got your new shiny gadget that you’ve coveted for the last god knows how long.

Now what’re you going to do? You’ve played with it and now you’re ready to personalise it.

It’s a personal thing really, some are happy with it as it is, and who can blame them as some of our high tech gadgets today are built with aesthetics in mind, it’s a major selling point. But some want to show the world “this is mine” and with this in mind I ask you all “skin or no skin?”

I admit to being guilty as charged of skinning my idevices as a means of protection to the minimum so that I don’t lose the shape of the device under a rubber, leather or plastic case. And my choice of skin from the many that are out there are the carbon finished ones from iCarbons.com I Love them, I have my iPad 2 backed in the black one and will eventually get an outer set for my MacBook pro. They have a great texture with a little extra grip from the bare device, they look great’ are easy to install and a cheaper option to a claim for a nasty scratch, which lets face it’ really pisses you off.

check them out below and let me know what you think.Image



Comments on: "Personalised Gadgets." (2)

  1. Rosa Green said:

    Your iPad is looking pretty good there Bob! Thanks for the post 🙂


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