I just love technology.

Imagine this!

At work to day we had a power cut that lasted nearly 2 hours. This got me thinking because the work phone line is a split line powered by a huge ominous looking box hidden away in a dusty old store room at the back of the building and it was off too. So no power equals no phone, no internet, no computers, no kettle . . . well you get the picture.

But what if this happened for good? How would we communicate?

If it happened on a big enough scale that means loss of mobile signal too. So the only way left would be post or travel.

Now I don’t know about you but I would be a gibbering wreck in the corner without my internet connection, they’d have me committed.

How would I tweet, or email, or check any of my other social networks for that matter? So I think perhaps it’s time I started working on a plan B. So either a massive bank of backup batteries and huge solar panels or perhaps I should take a page out of my ancestors books and get everybody’s address ( handwritten on paper of course ) and get a horse and cart.


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