I just love technology.

iPad as a Laptop?

Well I’ve avoided this one for long enough but it has to be done.
I’m writing this on my iPad rather than a MacBook ,to see the differences and see if the use of this app is going to increase my flow through this blog.
As I am typing the first thing that is obvious is the lack of space for my fingers on the keyboard. Then the predictive text and autocorrect kick in which over the two years plus I have used iPads I have become used to, in fact probably too reliant upon as it takes a little while for the typing fluidity to come back when I return to a proper keyboard.
The next thing that is really piquing my interest is how this is going to format when I look at the final write up on the browser. (this could look a complete mess).
I’m thinking this isn’t too bad infact if I were using a full size Bluetooth keyboard I think I could quite easily write like this.
My biggest gripe is the cramped feel of the keyboard, so for short amounts of text there’s no need to go to the laptop. But I won’t tell the wife, she may want to sell my pride and joy.




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