I just love technology.

Wait or buy?

Well my mobile contract ran out last month. Not in line with the release date of my device of choice of course. Sods law.

However even though my fingers are itching to say sod it and get an iPhone 4S I’m resisting the urge and sticking to my gut feel in that the iPhone 5 will be big! Worth the wait.

So when my contract was up for renewal I promptly rang my provider (O2) and thrashed out a cheaper contract that is upgradable when my next device of choice becomes available, the sooner the better’ cos my 3GS is becoming slow now, painfully so.

Who’s with me?

Hurry up Apple!


Comments on: "Wait or buy?" (6)

  1. Although I would say, wait for the next gen iPhone, the 3GS is very slow now. It’s a difficult choice but you have managed this long and you have an iPad to keep you up to date with the latest apps etc. WAIT 🙂 – great little post Bob. #Dan


  2. it might be hard waiting but will definatly be worth it


  3. F. Schuetze said:

    That’s exactly what i want to do.
    Stick to my 3GS until the iPhone5 comes out.
    My contract ends next year…


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